Why every crying is not just whining ?

Why every crying is not just whining ? 
One foggy morning in winter season, a mother brought her child to OPD from a remote village. The mother was sobbing and telling me her baby caught severe cold. When i inquired her about why does she think that the baby has severe cold, she lightened me with the actual complain.
Why every crying is not just whining ? 
The real concern was that the baby had been crying continuosly for 3 days and wouldn't stop no matter how well she wrapped the baby. when i started examining the child while thinking of some important differential, the mother started showing me dozens of syrups from some local pharmacy prescibed  by some local quack who probably doesnt even know that there are different doctors for adult medicine and paediatrics medicine.

She wasn't sure if the baby had spikes of fever because all she was concerned was about why did the baby didn't get well even after spending such handsome amount on syrups. Mother denied any history of cough,vomiting or loose stools.

 I could not find any significant examination finding.Mothers concern about cold compelled me to focus my exam on more on chest but i had no super magic to hear those fine rales/ crepts through the shrill cry if there were any.

So as a general physician what differential would you give priority to?

 Anyone would think of abdominal colic owing to crying and irritability.

but my over curious mind didn't allow me to settle with this diagnosis.

He was already on multiple medications ranging from cefixime, Azithromycin, antispasmodics,multivitamins. It seemed like a combo therapy for the little baby. No authorities look after such therapeutic mischiefs. 

To be honest,first time i was biased with the saying -mothers are the best doctors so started my exam directly from respiratory system where i could not find any other positive findings except tachypnea with a resp rate of 40 per minute.There were no any subcostal recessions nor any grunting. After that i examined all other system superficially.

So, i decided to repeat all my examinations once again and this time i decided not to be misleaded with a specific history of cold.

I started my examination from head and yes there it was ;the mystery of all the above history. Guess what?

The little baby had bulged and tense fontanelle which i missed during the first examination because i was too kind to remove his cap in this cold.  Kindness nearly cursed me for missing such obvious finding.

Then, I admitted the baby with diagnosis of meningitis for the time being.
Morale: Head to toe examination is a routine necessity.


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